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Your Boredom Bag?

Tell us a little about your pet and we'll take it all into account when we make your Boredom Bag!

Each bag is customized with NEW and top rated products curated for your pup. We pass the value of buying in bulk on to you, available for Small - $30, Medium - $40, and Large Dogs- $50! Plus cats too!


We'll specially design your dogs Boredom Bag™ to meet their (and your!) specific needs. 

Let us know about your dog, and we'll stock your bag with the best treats and toys they can dream up!

SMALL - $30 |MEDIUM - $40 |LARGE - $50 | CATS - $30


If you're staying home, your cat is probably tired of watching you on virtual meetings

We want to help you keep them safe, happy and out of your hair!

We know a bored pet is one that's going to get into trouble, fill out the form above and help us get to know your pet! Then we'll create the best bag possible to fit your pets needs!

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